Become a yoga mermaid at Tulum’s paradise

Yoga para mujeres, una experiencia única en Tulum - Terry Mansey

There are multiple benefits of yoga for women, including stress reduction. But without a doubt, practicing yoga underwater is a unique experience that you can enjoy in one of the beautiful cenotes of Tulum.

Yoga has been practiced since ancient times. These types of exercises use meditation, postures and controlled breathing that promote relaxation of the body and mind.

Yoga for women underwater

Of course, the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean is the right place to live this unique experience and become a true yoga mermaid at the hands of Terry Mansey.

Who will make this luxurious trip in the turquoise water of Tulum cenotes, the perfect opportunity to connect with your authentic inner and outer beauty by performing yoga for women?

Professional freedivers offer the necessary training so that you can move freely underwater with all the elegance and versatility of a true mermaid.

Learning new breathing techniques will take you to a deeper level in this experience that will allow you to reconnect with your feminine essence.

Of course, a vegetarian menu is included in this trip to Tulum so you can maintain your healthy lifestyle.

A professional photographer will take the best underwater photos in order to capture and preserve this unique experience that you deserve.

Tulum and its wonderful cenotes

The cenotes are beautiful water holes; sometimes they are outdoors and sometimes they are hidden in incredible rock formations.

These natural freshwater wells were sacred to the ancient Mayans and today they are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Tulum.

Some of the best cenotes to practice underwater yoga are:

Cenote Nicté-Ha

It is a relatively small cenote, lined with tree roots and rocks, with perfectly clear water, water lilies, fish and turtles, and a bottom covered with aquatic plants.

It offers the opportunity to live the experience of a cenote in the middle of nature with peace and tranquility so difficult to find in the Riviera Maya.

Cenote Tankah

Located in the jungle, just 50 meters from the beach, it is little known by foreign tourists. One of the best places to enjoy Tulum without sargassum.

Taak Bi Ha Cenote

This cenote is not very touristy. It is managed by a local community of 7 families.

It has a submerged cave with many stalagmites, stalactites, roots, skylights, and clear water.

Cenote Carwash

His real name is “Aktun-Ha”, he received the name “Carwash” because before he was discovered there was a car wash very close.

The diving area is 15 meters deep, with stalactites, aquatic plants, several fish species and freshwater turtles. The perfect place to become a yoga mermaid.

This cenote is connected by an underground network with the Zacil Ha cenote.

Sac Actun

It is also known as “Pet Cemetery” for the large number of animal bones found, probably as a result of Mayan rituals.

Similarly, it houses several cenotes that are part of the largest underwater cave system in the world.

Benefits of practicing yoga for women

More and more people are adding their yoga practice to their daily routine, due to the great benefits it provides. For example:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Improves heart health.
  • Reduces symptoms of depression.
  • It enhances sleep quality.
  • Optimize breathing.

Reduces stress and anxiety

A German study published by the Medical Science Monitor showed that people who practiced yoga had a lower cortisol level than those who did not follow this discipline in their daily routine.

His level of stress, anxiety and fatigue had decreased markedly.

Improves heart health

A healthy heart ensures that our body will receive the essential nutrients it needs. Therefore, practicing yoga for women manages to reduce heart rate and blood pressure.

Reduces symptoms of depression

In fact, in recent decades Harvard University studies on the therapeutic effects of yoga against depression claim that a wide range of yoga practices, meditation and breathing exercises reduce the effects of stress on our bodies and are effective in cases of anxiety and depression.

It enhances sleep quality

By practicing yoga, the quality of sleep is improved, so when you sleep you will have a restful sleep.

Optimize breathing

In this ancient technique, different exercises focused on optimizing breathing are performed. For this reason it improves the function of the lungs. While people suffering from asthma reduce symptoms.

A unique Terry Mansey-style experience

To live this unique experience as a yoga mermaid, Terry Mansey offers you the best.

First, a personal concierge will be attentive to your every need from the moment you arrive at the Cancun airport.

Your comfort is the most important thing, so you can request any luxury transport to make your stay even more pleasant.

Likewise, Terry Mansey can give you lodging suggestions for places that best suit your lifestyle, with all the comforts and luxuries that you can get in the Riviera Maya. Contact Terry to make this dream a reality and celebrate the beauty of being a woman.



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